TripMode for OS X guards your mobile data usage

With the speeds you get on 4G LTE networks, it's easy to forget to keep your data use in check while tethering. One thing turns into another, then you realize you've burned through half your data in a single day. There are mobile data alerts and limits that can be set on smartphones (though, of course, one might be using a dedicated hotspot device instead), but that's not ideal — what's better is blocking unnecessary data use when needed, something TripMode for OS X does automatically.

TripMode for OS X is an app that turns on when the user is connected to a mobile hotspot network (it can also be manually turned on for those other times it is needed). Once on, the user can click on the icon to open up a menu listing data-using apps, such as the web browser.

There's a checkbox next to the apps — you can select it if you want it to be allowed to use data (your email client, perhaps), and uncheck the others that aren't necessary or that will gobble too much data.

TripMode will also monitor the data usage that happens when it is on so that you can see how much mobile data you're using up. Each app's data usage is also shown, so you can disable one if it starts using too much. The app is available now from the maker's website. $4.99 page version and a free version are available.

SOURCE: The Next Web