Trendnet unveils new 450Mbps dual band N media bridge

If you have things in your entertainment not center like game consoles, HTPCs, or satellite and cable boxes that need internet connectivity but you don't have network ports in your walls wireless or power line networking is what you need. The problem with power line networking is that it won't work in all situations. If you have a WiFi network in your home what you need is this TEW-680MB wireless media bridge.

The device has four Ethernet connections on the back of the device for your components. You can connect four of your devices using your own patch cables to the media bridge and then the media bridge will connect to your existing wireless network. The TEW-680MB supports N speed networks and can connect to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

The bridge also supports one touch wireless connectivity with WPS setup with a single button. It also promises to be green by saving up to 70% on power compared to competing models. The device has internal mimo antennas and lots of other features.