Trendnet debuts crazy fast 500Mbps powerline networking gear

Shane McGlaun - Nov 23, 2010
Trendnet debuts crazy fast 500Mbps powerline networking gear

I am enamored with powerline AV networking because my house has no wires in the walls for networking and I can’t run them thanks to the design of the structure inside my walls. WiFi sucks since the signal strength is too low in many room so that leaves me with powerline networking as my only option.

Powerline networking sucked pretty badly for the first several years that the tech was on the market, but today it’s getting better. Trendnet has unveiled a new powerline networking device that is very fast with up to 500Mbps of bandwidth. The new solution is called the TPL-401E and it can be had in a single adapter kit or a dual adapter kit.

The dual adapter kit is the TPL-401E2K and it has two 500Mbps powerline adapters inside making for a complete starter kit for one device. The adapters support 128-bit AES encryption and have LED indicators to show the status of the network. The new adapters will ship on the 29th with the single adapter going for $99.99 and the kit with two adapters going for $179.99.

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