Trendnet 3-port TPL-305E powerline networking adapter launches

Getting a decent connection to your home theater and AV gear in the living room can be a challenge for some of us. This is especially true if your modem is not near the entertainment center and your WiFi router lacks the muscle to get you a clear signal into the room. One of the only options for many in a case like this is powerline networking.

Trendnet has one of the better lines of powerline networking gear on the market and the company unveiled a new solution at CES last week called the TPL-305E. The cool part about this powerline adapter is that it has three ports built-in rather than the one port we typically see. That means that you might be able to skip adding a hub at the entertainment center to get all of your devices connected.

The adapter can be used on a network with up to 16 other adapters in different rooms. The network speed supported is up to 200 Mbps and the adapters support network security. Trendnet also uses tech inside the adapters to reduce idle power consumption by up to 70%. The adapter will sell for $79.99.