Transmitta II - Transmit Audio To Where Ever You Need It

I'd love to take my music files with me no matter what room I'm in. Yeah I have a few different Mp3 players but that's not the same. I'd also love to listen to the news from the kitchen or the office but the TV is too far away and I can't quite make it out.

The Transmitta II can fix that problem. It can take any audio output (Computer, TV, Radio, iPod, etc...) and send the audio to a transmitter in a place of your choosing. The units communicate by a 2.4GHz frequency and then "hop" around to make sure you're not conflicting with any other device. What a smart little gadget this is!

It costs £49.95, which is more than I'd be willing to shell out but hey, most things are. Seeing that the price is in pounds I can only assume it's only sold over the great pond.

Transmitta II Spreads Sound Around [via Coolest Gadgets]