Transformer aircraft merges and splits as needed

Imagine a future where military aircraft can merge together into a single larger unit, splitting apart only when needed and rejoining again later after the mission is finished. Sound interesting? Such is the concept introduced by BAE Systems.

BAE Systems, a defense contractor, has introduced multiple concepts in recent time, all of them poised to aid the military in various activities in the future. The concept featured above, for example, is called the Transformer because of its transforming abilities.

As noted in the video above, the Transformer could serve multiple purposes, with the practical use including reduced fuel consumption, and the more futuristic uses being things like surveillance by secondary aircraft after the main unit drops a load.

The Transformer isn't the only concept that BAE Systems has introduced, however. Other concepts include the Survivor, named after its ability to self-heal its body during flight using nanotubes and a fluid adhesive.

SOURCE: Mashable