Trakdot Luggage tracking device up for pre-order

Back during CES, we talked a bit about a real-time luggage tracking device called the Trakdot. When the device was unveiled for the first time during the show, we knew it would be launching in March. March is now here and as promised, GlobaTrac has the Trakdot up for pre-order right now.

The actual launch date for the device will be late June. Pricing for the luggage tracker is $49.99 and it's roughly the size of your palm. The idea is that you can slip this device into your luggage and keep an eye on your bag as you travel. The tracker doesn't use GPS signals for tracking; it relies on cellular technology to triangulate an active device's location.

All the user has to do activate the tracking is turned the device on and slip it inside the bag. The Trakdot is able to turn itself off just before the aircraft takes off and will then turn back on when the aircraft lands. It's able to quickly determine the city where the bag is located and text that information to the owner.

Users of the technology can also go to a dedicated website to locate where their bag is. There will be an activation fee of $8.99 and an annual service fee of $12.99. People who pre-order the device before April 27 won't have to pay that $9 activation fee.

[via Trakdot]