TrackStack lets you crowdsource your Spotify playlists

When I sit down to create a playlist, I'll usually end up spending entirely too much time doing so. And if I'm working on one for a specific event, sometimes I like getting input from other people. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a really easy way to do that, without having those other people sitting in the same room with me. But a new website wants to help fix that, by allowing anyone to add songs to your Spotify playlist.

As it stands now, everyone needs to have a Spotify account, and special permissions in order to add tracks to your playlists. This is fine, if you're just talking to a couple of people to hone the perfect playlist. But if you want to crowd-source your music selection with a bunch of people, you'll want to check out TrackStack.

TrackStack is essentially a web app that connects to your existing Spotify account. Once you login with it, you'll be able to make playlists, and determine if you want them to be private or public. If they're public, you'll get a URL to send to your friends, who can add any music from Spotify to the list. They don't even need an account to add music, and they can even listen to song previews, to make sure they picked out the right track.

If you want to make sure that only select people can access and modify your playlist, you can choose to password-protect it. Your friends will only need to enter the password you've created to make changes to your list.

It might not be the most revolutionary thing to happen to Spotify, but I can see this being a useful tool. Mostly for bigger events where you want the people attending to have some say in the musical selection for it.

Source: TrackStack