Track down a McRib sandwich in your area

Throughout history, there have been inventions that have changed our lives for the better.  We look back at these innovations, these great accomplishments as examples of man's ingenuity.  The latest breakthrough serves the human race by answering one very simple question – where can I find a McRib?

You see, the McRib sandwich isn't at every McDonald's restaurant.  Why?  Well, that's still a mystery.  Unfortunately, until McDonald's takes the McRib demand seriously, lovers of the sandwich treat will be forced to use the McRib Locator.

If you're someone who enjoys a delicious McRib snack but can't get one at your nearest McDonald's, the McRib Locator will help you find the nearest McDonald's location serving the sandwich.  McRib Locator is a great mashup of Google Maps and crowdsourcing, relying on McRib fans to provide the location they bought the sandwich from.

Be sure to check out the McRib Locator if you're trying to hunt down the stealthy barbecue bundit.  Yes, I know – very clever.

[via Gizmodo]