Toyota shows off 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon cars

Lots of Japanese car fans around the world look forward to the annual Tokyo Auto Salon. Auto manufacturers tend to unveil customized cars at the show, along with new performance accessories. Tokyo Auto Salon is very similar to the SEMA show in the US in many aspects. Thanks to COVID-19, this year, there is no in-person show in Tokyo, so auto manufacturers are revealing their cars online.

Toyota has shown off three of its customized vehicles for the show, starting with a yellow GR Supra that features aftermarket performance parts from Gazoo Racing. The car has a dampened brace set for the front and rear to stiffen up the unibody, similar to a traditional strut tower brace. These braces are dampened and can absorb some of the jarring forces that can make the ride harsh.

According to Toyota, the parts increase the steering feel and help soften road imperfections. The Supra also has a custom exhaust system with black chrome tips and a valve near the exit meant to enhance the engine's sound. The exhaust system is very expensive, at $3300. A version of the GR Yaris is on display at the virtual show, and each time we see it, we are sad it's not offered in the US.

The little car has 268 horsepower, and Toyota is a bit mysterious about this particular car. It has some new aerodynamic tidbits, including a front air splitter inside skirts. It is unclear if it has any additional power or other performance parts under the hood.

Toyota also has a Yaris Cross Advanced Robust Style, a version of the Yaris Cross launched in Japan and Europe earlier this year. All modifications to this particular car are limited to visual styling. A fancied-up Mirai Modellista features a new front spoiler and side skirts making it more attractive than the standard hydrogen-powered vehicle. The virtual event kicks off on January 15, and Toyota could have more cars to show off then.