Toyota Prius Limo

Yep, you read that right, just when I though I'd seen it all, someone goes and makes a limo out of a Toyota Prius. If his reasoning behind it wasn't so sound, I'd think he was crazy.

Basically here's what it came down to, the guy needed a vehicle that could haul his family of 6, do it for cheap, and save some gas. The salvaged Prius' and about 200 hours later there was the Prius limo. The two vehicles reportedly cost him $10 grand and had non-rebuildable junk titles to go with them.

He said he recouped some of that cost by selling the leftover parts. The best part, I has a really nice vehicle that looks like a slightly extended minivan, has 6 doors, and gets about 43 MPG fully loaded with his family and whatever they packed/picked up. That's the inner city mileage, highway it'll hit 50MPG fully loaded, with just the maker in the car he said he can get 56MPG. I guess the lower coefficient drag that's caused by the new, more aerodynamic design is the cause for the highway mileage to se the least amount of change of a standard production Prius.

World's first Toyota Prius Limo – Shirley shome mishtake...? [via redferret]