Toyota has a list of questions for anyone interested in owning a GR Super Sport

One of the things Ford famously did when it launched the epic Ford GT was interview customers before they were allowed to purchase the vehicle. The goal was to ensure that the GTs went to enthusiasts who would drive them, not that the scheme worked out in the long run. It appears that Toyota is doing something similar for anyone who wants to own one of the awesome GR Super Sport hypercars Toyota plans to build.

Toyota will only build 20 units, and the list of questions Toyota wants answered to consider anyone to purchase the car has turned up online. The questions are fairly basic, asking for information such as name, age, address, and phone number. Toyota wants to know how many high-performance cars the user owns and then asks applicants to list up to 10 car models they own ranked in order of their favorites.

Toyota also wants to know how many miles hopefuls drive per year in their sports cars and what sports cars they plan to purchase in the future. It does appear that users who have owned past Toyota or Lexus exotics, such as the Toyota 2000 GT or Lexus LFA, might have a leg up on the competition.

Toyota also asks how frequently the prospective buyer drives on a racetrack each year and what type of motorsports they enjoy watching on TV or participating in. One of the more interesting questions asks what motorsport licenses the prospective buyer has or may have had in the past.

The final two questions have to do with expectations and interest in the GR Super Sport car itself. For those unfamiliar, the GR Super Sport is an offshoot of the Le Mans Hypercar class that will start later this year, and it requires at least 20 road-going versions to be produced to meet mall location rules.