Toyota and Amazon Web Services collaborate for mobility services platform

Toyota has officially announced that it and Amazon Web Services are collaborating on Toyota's new Mobility Services Platform. AWS is applying its portfolio of services to help Toyota expand its Mobility Services Platform, which is an ecosystem designed to help Toyota engineers develop, deploy, and manage next-generation data-driven mobility services. The services will include systems for driver and passenger safety, security, comfort, and convenience.The platform uses the AWS global infrastructure for reliability and scalability and leverages development expertise from AWS Professional Services. One way that Toyota will leverage the AWS platform is by uploading data from cloud-connected vehicles to AWS to create custom insurance premiums based on driver behavior.

The brain of the system is something Toyota calls the Data Communication Module or DCM that is fitted into many Toyota models in Japan, the US, and China. Toyota wants the data to be leveraged for new contextual services like car share, rideshare, full-service lease, and other services. Many automakers use their connected technologies today to send driving information to insurance companies for figuring custom premiums.

Some drivers aren't fans of their cars collecting information on their habits, but that does not stop automakers from implementing systems to copy the data. While there have been apps and in-car devices offered by insurance companies for a while now to collect this sort of driving data, Toyota and other automakers are eliminating the need for an app on the phone or extra hardware.

What remains to be seen for many drivers is if this sort of data sharing by connected car platforms could potentially cost them more in the long run. If the data shows that the driver frequently speeds, stops quickly, or uses their smartphone while driving, there is presumably the opportunity for the insurance company to increase their rates.