Touchscape Multi-Touch Coffee Table

If the multi-touch screens of your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, are just not enough tactile fun, then consider adding the Touchscape Multi-Touch coffee table to your living room. Albeit the table can't compete in portability, but it would be awesome fun for friends at your house party–just be sure to have some coasters. Continue after the jump for a video of the Touchscape in action as it shows off some Windows 7 action.

The Touchscape table features a 47-inch LCD high viewing angle screen with full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and is powered by a quad core processor. It utilizes a patented MT technology to track as many touches as possible on the screen. A self-monitoring system then automates updates, monitors performance and keeps the system alive.

The demo video below shows the Touchscape in action with native Windows 7 but also has its own platform that can run various programs whether or not created using its SDK.

[Via GeekyGadgets]