TouchPal keyboard for Windows 8 now available in the Windows Store

Last week, we talked about a new keyboard for Windows 8 called TouchPal. It's been available for Android and iOS devices for some time now, but the company behind the keyboard just recently made it available for Windows 8 touch devices. While, the app was only available on the developer's website, users can now grab it for free in the Windows Store.

The keyboard is available for free in the Windows Store and it features abilities such as switching back and forth between swiping and typing modes, and the ability to split the keyboard into to sections — something that the default keyboard does offer. This allows users to easily type with their thumbs like they would on a smartphone.

The keyboard also comes with Swype-like typing, meaning that you can type out words by just sliding your finger across the keyboard, going to each letter to spell out a word without lifting your finger at all. It's a form of typing that's all the rage nowadays, and Windows 8 users can now join in on the fun.

Previously, the Windows 8 version did experience some hiccups with installation, but since the app is now available through official means (a.k.a. Windows Store), users shouldn't have a problem getting the keyboard up and running on their Windows touch-enabled device. The app works on all Windows 8 touchscreen tablets and any x86 based Windows 8 computer.