Touch-Hear Concept Puts Knowledge At Your Fingertips--Literally

The Touch-Hear is an innovative concept that could potentially change the way we look and interact with the world. At the moment, when you want to know something you have to look it up. And while this has been dramatically simplified over the years–after all, you can look up information online now, where before you had to resort to the library–you still have to go to an external source for information.

But now, this technology places the look-up source right on your fingertips. Touch-Hear works by letting you tap any word you see in a book and then hear an explanation or definition of that word. Foreign words are translated as well. Major events and locations are also defined and explained for you.


Designed by Design Incubation Centre, the Touch-Hear concept could potentially make studying a thing of the past. We are already a knowledge seeking society, rather than knowledge retaining. This could

push us further down that road, but it is an interesting idea.

[via DVICE]