Toshiba's latest line of LED HDTVs records to USB drives

Toshiba has some of the nicer HDTVs on the market and is always adding new features to its line. Most of the cool new features tend to turn up in Toshiba's home market of Japan before we see them here in America.

The latest line of Toshiba HDTVs in the LED Reguza line has debuted in Japan. The new line has a cool feature, they can all record to external USB drives directly and some have internal 500GB HDDs. The sets are LED backlit and have features to reduce power consumption.

The new sets will span three series and 26 models. The high-end Z1 series has screens ranging from 37" to 55" and can also be connected to LAN networks for recording. The series is set for a June launch. The RE1 line ranges from 22" to 55" and can record to internal HDD and a USB drive and will launch this summer. The HE1 series has internal HDD and USB recording capability and will launch in July. There is no word on the availability of any of these sets outside Japan.