Toshibal launching 920T mobile phone in Japan

It's a slider, its all white, and it looks pretty good considering I had no idea Toshiba even made mobile phones. It has 3G and 1-Seg wireless TV access in the way of wireless communications.

If you get lost, you can also make use of the GPS functionality. Then when you get where you are going to can use the 3.24MP cam to take some pictures, which can be stored on the 1GB of integrated storage.

That storage will also come in handy, if I read right, because I think you can record up to 5.3 hours of 1 Seg mobile TV. Like I said, it will only be available in Japan, which is kind of saddening since it's a pretty nice phone, and it looks good too.

Toshiba to launch its slide type 3G mobile phone '920T' [via AVING]