Toshiba will show off SDHC memory card with TransferJet tech at CES

Shane McGlaun - Dec 28, 2012
Toshiba will show off SDHC memory card with TransferJet tech at CES

CES 2013 starts early next month and there’ll be no shortage of new devices on display at the show. Toshiba will be on hand at CES and one of the new products that it will be showing off is a slick SDHC memory card that features wireless transfer technology. Toshiba says that the memory card on display at the show will be a reference unit.

Toshiba says the product on display is under development and integrates wireless transfer technology called TransferJet. The memory card has an internal TransferJet transceiver IC, a coupler, RF filter, peripheral passive parts, a SD bridge connection circuit, and Toshiba NAND flash memory.

The memory card will have the ability to transfer data from the memory card directly to supported devices such as digital cameras and computers. TransferJet technology is a close proximity wireless transfer technology standard. Toshiba is part of the TransferJet Consortium, which includes 44 other companies.

The transfer technology provides simple connections between devices allowing high-speed data transfer with low power consumption. The technology allows users to select a file on the screen of a device to be transferred. Then the transferring device touches the supported receiving device and the data transfer takes place.

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