Toshiba unveils enterprise class SSD

Toshiba has unveiled a new enterprise class SSD for the business market that is a 2.5-inch form factor device using 32nm SLC NAND for storage. The SSDs connect to 6Gb/sec SCSI SAS interface and Toshiba plans to make samples available in Q1 2011 with mass production set for the first half of 2011.

The new SSD will be offered in 100GB, 200GB, and 400GB capacities and all of the SSDs fall into the MKxx001GRZB family. The SSDs have nice performance with random sustained read performance of 90,000 IOPs and wire performance of 17,000 IOPS.

The sequential sustained read is 510MB/s with write speed of 230MB/s. The SSDs only consume 6.5W of power during operation and have a power efficiency rating of 13,800 IOPS/Watt. The SSDs are rated for five years of use.