Toshiba Transmemory Gets ReadyBoost Upgrade

James Allan Brady - Jul 26, 2007

For those using Windows Vista, you probably know that if you really push it, it can get pretty resource intensive, thankfully Microsoft was kind enough to implement a great technology into the OS known as ReadyBoost. These upgraded Transmemory drives, I assume, have a higher transfer speed allowing them to be used quite effectively as ReadyBoost drives.

The U2K line consists of 1, 2, 4, and 8 gigabyte sizes. There will also be a limited edition 32GB version.

Pricing is $200 for the 8GB one and $665 for the 32GB one. They should be available in October and December for the limited edition one. God knows what you need a 32GB flash drive for, but more power to you for buying one, I mean last time I checked the recommended ratio for ReadyBoost was twice whatever your system RAM was, so I suppose if you have a new Mac Pro running Vista you could have 16GB of RAM.

Toshiba Upgrades Transmemory USB Flash Drives [via Crunchgear]

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