Toshiba Thrive tablet won't wake from sleep mode for many users

The Toshiba Thrive tablet hit stores earlier this month and the tablet has been popular with users since the launch. On the Toshiba Forums, there are pages of users that are all reporting the same issue with the Thrive. Apparently, the tablet isn't waking from sleep mode when the users press the wake button. The tablet stays in sleep mode and the only way to wake the tablet so it can be used is to reboot it.

That isn't exactly a huge issue. However, it is an issue nonetheless. There was a reported workaround to fix the issue that had to do with removing the battery. The users that tried that fix report that the workaround doesn't work. Another user tried resetting the tablet using the factory reset feature and that didn't fix the issue either. It sounds like something in the firmware.

Toshiba is asking the users on the forum that are having the issue to give it details such as how often the device is not waking and what version of the Thrive they are using. It seems the wake issue is occurring on all three versions of the tablet. If you use a Thrive, let us know in the comments if you are having the sleep issue too.

[via Android Community]