Toshiba spends $1B on 30% of SanDisk production capacity

Anyone else feel like companies are buying up other companies left and right? Well, Toshiba has just announced that they bought 30% of the production capacity of SanDisk's NAND flash memory. And the price tag? $1 billion!

Initially, Toshiba wanted to buy out SanDisk. Samsung made a bid as well. But now with Toshiba's input, SanDisk will be able to make flash memory faster and cheaper.  

At the moment, there are two factories in Japan that both Toshiba and SanDisk share for several joint ventures, but now Toshiba will be the owner of 30% of them, with what's left over split between the previous joint ventures. The whole idea here is to boost sales and production. And it may very well work, considering more and more devices call on flash memory.

[via Electronista]