Toshiba SmartNAND debuts, destined for future iPhones?

The crazy cats over at Toshiba have announced a new line of flash NAND today called SmartNAND. This stuff promises robust error management, a simple design, and faster time to market for advanced NAND for customer applications. The NAND is part of Toshiba's 24nm NAND family and is sure to find its way into all manner of consumer electronics products.

Toshiba reports that the SmartNAND was developed specially to remove the burden of ECC from the host processor inside a device and to minimize the protocol changes needed. This allows for the simplification of the host-side design and the SmartNAND is ideal for use in media players, tablets, digital TVs, set-top boxes and all manner of other electronic devices and gadgets needing high-density non-volatile memory.

Toshiba is going to offer the SmartNAND in 4GB to 64GB flavors. I am sure we will see this stuff inside gear from Toshiba with its TVs and this looks like the perfect memory for smartphones of the future as well such as the iPhone. The 24nm product is a replacement for the current 32nm devices that Toshiba offers and is capable of faster read and write speeds. The smartNAND family will land mid-April and mass production is set for the April to June quarter.