Toshiba Reveals 5 New Slim Line of 1.8" HDD

Toshiba expands 5 new slim 1.8-inch hard drives for mobile pc and consumer electronics with capacities of 60GB, 80GB and 120GB. These are not the typical compact size 1.8 HDD, they are all ultra compact with only 8mm inches thin. The mobile pc application line-up including the 120GB MK1214GAH with two platters, the 60GB MK6028GAL with one platter and the lightweight 80GB MK8025GAL with one platter, weighted about 45g. It supports PATA interface with 2M buffer, 4200RPM, has average seeking time of 15ms and 512 byte per sector format made suitable for compact mobile and tablet PC.

The consumer electronic line-up is both 60GB MK6014GAL with 4200RPM and MK6015GAA 3600RPM with single platter and 2MB buffer. No pricing or availability were disclosed, perhaps more information will be announced at CES

Toshiba intros 120GB HDD for subnotebooks [via electronista]