Toshiba media server is straight from the future

So much has been coming out of CEATEC this week that we can hardly keep up. Take, for instance, this polygonal media player from Toshiba. It's more than just interesting-looking. It packs serious functionality that could change the way we think about wireless media. 

The whole idea behind this octagonal device is to act as the center for your family's media. It is a media server that utilizes NFC signals to find media files in the air. So, anything that you enable to have access to the device will be picked up by it.

According to Gadget Lab, "The server automatically downloads media files from a cell phone as soon as the user drops it nearby and fires them up to the wireless HD 1080p TV on site, without touching anything or wasting time looking for a Bluetooth signal." Now that is impressive! The whole idea here is to make transferring media files a snap and so fast you don't even have to do anything about it. Unfortunately, this is just a concept for now, but Toshiba is probably really onto something here. The automatic nature of this one is something I would keep an eye on.

[via Gadget Lab at Wired]