Toshiba Gigabeat T400 comes to US

Looking for a Nano sized MP3 player with some audiophile features? Toshiba has you hooked up since it brought its T400 to the US. There is H2C decoding to help produce higher quality audio, read on for the rest of the audiophile stuff.

Let's see, there is support for WMA lossless. The T400 can supposedly restore some of the quality that is lost from the compression of most MP3 and WMA tracks. There is even a 1-bit digital amp built in.

If you are more of a movie buff though, they are still looking out for you, as there is a 2.4-inch LCD and the thing can play WMV videos for 5 hours, music alone will last for 16 hours. Its cheap too, the 4GB version is selling for $120. In Japan there is also a wifi enabled version, but Toshiba isn't bringing that model over, at least not as a Toshiba, electronista seems to think this might be a hint towards a flash based Zune with a less crippled wifi.

Toshiba brings gigabeat T400 to US as nano rival [via electronista]