Toshiba adds WiMax to Portégé R700 notebook

Shane McGlaun - Oct 13, 2010
Toshiba adds WiMax to Portégé R700 notebook

Back during the summer we went hands on a bit with the then new Toshiba Portégé R700 and came away impressed by how lightweight he machine was while still being sturdy. Toshiba has announced an important update to the notebook for users in areas covered by 4G service.

Toshiba is now offering the Portégé R700 in two versions that ship with WiMax modems inside ready for some blazing fast 4G mobile broadband right out of the box. The models include the Portégé R700-S1332W and the Portégé R700-S1322W. The two models differ slightly in the hardware they use inside.

Both have the 13.3-inch screen, integrated DVD drive and the new WiMax modem. The difference is that the S1332W has a Core i7 CPU and a 128GB SSD while the S1322W has a Core i5 CPU and a 320GB 7,200 rpm HDD. Both of the models have 4GB of RAM and the screen has HD resolution and LED backlighting on both. The S1332W will cost $1699, the S1322W sells for $1349, and both shipped yesterday.

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