Torus concept watch tells time with colors

There sure have been a lot of new high-tech watches out there over the past few months. The newest concept comes from a Belgium Product design student by the name of Nicolas Meiresonne. The Torus concept watch uses color and a touchscreen to tell the approximate time.

This bracelet style watch was designed to give the user a perception of time and some sort of experience. Very similar to the sun, you will not get the actual time just approximate time of day. The colors on the watch rotate to tell what time of day it is. For example blue/green represents morning, yellow/orange the afternoon, red/purple for evening and nighttime.

Not exactly sure how, but tapping the touchscreen will allow users to set alarms.  Apparently by double tapping a color a timer will be set. Though there is not much of a use for such a watch in today's world, we certainly find this device interesting to say the least. This watch would definitely be a site to see in real life if it ever makes it to market.