Torrents Time is the real successor to Popcorn Time

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 8, 2016, 11:46 am CST
Torrents Time is the real successor to Popcorn Time

It’s 2016, so we can’t just pretend like torrenting isn’t a thing anymore. We also still can’t pretend that it’s completely legal to pirate movies and TV shows. So consider this your warning that if you choose to engage in any of the activities listed below, that the consequences are your own. With that said, there’s a cool new way to watch ahem perfectly legal videos.

The idea of streaming torrents, rather than waiting for them to download completely before watching them is not a new one. Popcorn Time was a popular BitTorrent client that allowed you to stream movies and TV shows, once you had enough peers to support it. The interface was intentionally similar to Netflix, to make selecting and watching videos just as easy as the paid service.

Eventually, the original Popcorn Time was shut down, or the creators decided to discontinue their work on it, depending on which version of the story you’ve heard. And when something as popular as Popcorn Time goes down, there will eventually rise a successor.

One of the first forks of the original Popcorn Time was The developers behind this version have recently released what they’re calling Torrents Time. Torrents Time is a plugin that lets you stream any torrent inside of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE) using a peer-to-peer connection. You can even cast it to any number of video players in your house.

One thing that you’ll notice, should you use the service, is that they do let you know that your IP address is exposed, and recommend that you use a VPN. They even offer a VPN solution that you can use, through Anonymous VPN.


The biggest name in torrenting has already adopted the plugin, despite the fact that it’s only been around for a week or so. If you head to The Pirate Bay, you’ll now see the words “STREAM IT! (BETA)” next to the button to download your torrent of choice. All you really need to worry about is making sure that there are enough seeders to support your video, and you’re good to go. (Well, that, and getting a pesky notification from your ISP that you’ve been caught downloading torrents.)

This is probably one of the biggest things to happen to torrenting since the original Popcorn Time, or magnet links. It’ll be interesting to see how many other sites adopt it.

Source: TorrentsTime

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