TomTom unveils new traffic services for governments

TomTom is one of the biggest names in consumer GPS applications and services. The company is mostly known for its line of GPS devices like the Start2 unveiled late in March 2010. TomTom has introduced a couple new services that it is aiming at governments looking to provide information to travelers as they go about their daily business in Europe.

The company has announced HD Flow and HD Route Times. Both of the new features are based on the tech in TomTom's High Definition Traffic package. HD Flow is a service that allows real-time detailed views of how traffic is flowing on roads with data delivered in DATEX2/TMC/XML formats for use in Europe. The data is designed to be integrated into traffic control centers to manage traffic more efficiently.

HD Route Times is a service that providers governments real-time travel and delay times for all possible routes and allows the gathering of data needed to update the automated signs around European highways with accurate information. Both of the new services use GSM and GPS devices to gather the precise information. Initial coverage is available for Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland with other countries coming online soon.