TomTom Pro 9150 GPS debuts

Shane McGlaun - Apr 11, 2011
TomTom Pro 9150 GPS debuts

TomTom is always tossing new GPS devices out onto the market and the latest GPS unit is a new pro offering called the Pro 9150. The GPS device has a 5-inch screen to make it easier to see and that screen is touch sensitive. TomTom also says the GPS is so easy to use the driver doesn’t need instructions.

The 9150 is connected to the office back end and allows the home office to route a driver from the fleet that is closest to the destination automatically using the Webfleet software backend. The GPS unit supports Map Share that allows the maps to be updated and edited by the users. That is important in areas where there is a lot of construction and new addresses are added frequently.

Battery life away from a DC outlet is up to 2 hours. It supports Bluetooth hands free calling and has 8GB of internal storage, the screen resolution is 480 x 272 and it weighs 260g. Pricing on the device is unknown and it includes maps of the US, Mexico, and Canada.

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