TomTom app store expected in 2010

Most of us are familiar with TomTom. The company is an international firm that is huge in the GPS and PND market around the world. The company is looking to follow other companies like Google and Apple into one of the most lucrative markets for portable devices — apps.Pocket-Lint reports that TomTom is set to launch an app store this year, but executives declined to say exactly when the app store would land. The move to apps will use the recently unveiled webkit platform and let TomTom offer its GPS expertise in places other than its GPS devices.

One interesting possibility from the app store announcement is that TomTom might be working on an augmented reality app. However, company executives stated that augmented reality is not a major objective. How cool would it be for a GPS device to have its own internal camera to show the real world on the screen and augment that with common navigation themes.