TomTom and Google partner to offer “Send To GPS” option

James Allan Brady - Jan 3, 2008

So when you use Google maps, you can email the map/directions, print them, or “Send To”. Well, now there is new “Send to GPS” option available thanks to a partnership with TomTom that allows you to send the address of a business or home to your GPS unit with great ease.

There is only one requirement, your TomTom must be connected to the internet via the TomTom HOME application that they offer up for free, past that it should be easy like Sunday morning. So you just connect your TomTom, go to Google Maps, search for someone or some business, get the address, and then in the little box that’s above the location’s pushpin you click “Send to GPS”.

Now I just checked the site, and this option wasn’t available yet, but that might be because I don’t have a TomTom or the software for it installed. Then again, it could be because they aren’t launching the service until CES, We’ll find out more I’m sure once we hit the show room floor.

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