Tokyoflash Right Angle LCD Watch with USB memory is much easier to read than you think

The watches at Tokyoflash are always really cool looking but they are often very hard to read. The latest watch to come for the purveyor or strange timepieces is called the Right Angle LCD Watch Design with USB Memory. The watch has a tall face with a LCD screen and a metal band. The left side has a USB port to connect to your computer for storing files to your watch.

When you look at the watch face from the top all you see are a bunch of lines that look complex. To tell what time it is all you need to do is hold the watch at an angle and read the face. At an angle, the numbers on the screen are clearly legible. The watch also has a LED backlight so you can see in the dark. The USB cable needed to connect to the computer is included.

Right now, the watch isn't officially available and is only a design. I would bet it would come to market eventually. The design you see shows the watch in black with a green light. The watch could be made with different backlight colors. The design is up for a vote and if you want to see it become a real watch vote for it at Tokyoflash.