Tokyoflash Morse Code Watch Annoying As Hell

James Allan Brady - Aug 24, 2007

Sure, Tokyoflash has put out some moderately annoying, and hard to tell time timepieces before, but I really think this one takes the cake. Sure the picture of the Morse Code Watch shows the time rather straightforwardly, but don’t let that confuse you.

Its true mission is to give you a brain aneurysm while trying to figure out the time. Apparently there are three different “code” modes, one of which is Morse, the other two, I have yet to find an article or retailer even hinting as to what they are other than to say you probably need secret service training from somewhere to figure them out.

The Morse Code function displays the time on the face via the array of LEDs and it is also beeped out of a built in speaker. Sure there is a regular LED time display mode, but what’s the fun in that? They are selling now for 60 pounds a piece.

Tell time in Morse code [via crave]

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