Today's free Epic Games Store title won't be a surprise

The free game offered through the Epic Games Store has rotated, and as expected, Metro 2033 Redux has gone free for the next day. This is part of a promotion Epic is running during its Holiday Sale, with a new free game on offer every 24 hours. New games will keep rotating in each day until December 31st, allowing those who claim each game a chance to pad out their Epic Games libraries without spending anything.

Of course, Epic hopes that it doesn't begin and end with free games for most users, and in fact, it's counting on these daily free games to bring people to the store and peruse the deals that are on offer. Indeed, Epic would really like you to spend some money in its store while this Holiday Sale is happening – so much so, in fact, that it's offering a $10 coupon to all users.

In any case, this is the sixth of 15 free games epic will be offered as we close out 2020. Shortly after the Holiday Sale began, a list naming all 15 games leaked out, and so far, that list has been correct about every daily free game. Obviously things can always change, but right now, it's looking like that leaked list was right on the money.

Assuming that list was correct about all of the free games Epic will offer, then that means tomorrow's free game will be Tropico 5, followed by Inside on Christmas Eve, Darkest Dungeon on Christmas Day, and My Time in Portia on December 26th. Some of the high points of the rest of that list include Jurassic World Evolution, Night in the Woods, and Torchlight 2, but considering that last game has been out for more than eight years, we're guessing that most of the people who wanted to play it already have by now.

Regardless, you've got a little under 24 hours to claim Metro 2033 Redux and add it to your Epic Games library. We'll be back with news of tomorrow's free game, so be sure to check back with SlashGear to see if our leaked list can go for seven in a row.