Tobii EyeX Engine aims to take eye tracking mainstream

Shane McGlaun - Dec 5, 2013, 5:04am CST
Tobii EyeX Engine aims to take eye tracking mainstream

Eye tracking technology has been around for a long time. One of the leaders in eye tracking technology is a company called Tobii. There are a number of uses for eye tracking tech from gaming to helping those with physical disabilities to use a computer when they aren’t able to touch it.

Tobii has announced a new product called the Tobii EyeX Engine that is aiming to take eye tracking technology into mainstream applications and devices. The EyeX Engine is a middleware that will work in conjunction with the eye tracking hardware made by Tobii. The company is offering an EyeX Developer kit that bundles everything a developer needs to experiment with eye tracking.

The developer kit includes the Tobii EyeX Engine, SDK, and Tobii EyeX controller and is available for $195. The EyeX controller is a new eye tracking device that works out of the box with a number of Windows applications. The EyeX Engine offers developers a set of predefined user interactions combining eye gazing with other input methods like the keyboard and touchpad.

The EyeX Engine is designed to take care of the framework around the application that the developer needs and included calibrations and screen configurations along with advanced data filtering techniques. Those features make it easy for developers to integrate eye tracking into their applications for common tasks like clicking, scrolling, zooming, and switching.


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