Tobii eye-tracking supports facial recognition with Windows Hello

Tobii is a company that has been making eye-tracking hardware for a long time. That hardware can be used for all sorts of things on a computer, including using eye movement to control aspects of video games. Tobii and Microsoft have announced that the Tobii eye-tracking platform now supports facial recognition for Windows Hello.

Using the facial recognition tech, consumer can log into their Hello account faster and more securely. Tobii offerings are the only tracking platforms that support Windows Hello. The system uses images provided by Tobii and passes them to Microsoft facial recognition algorithms. That are integrated in Windows 10.

The Windows Hello integration is available for Tobii IS3 platforms including the Tobii EyeX and SteelSeries Sentry devices. Facial recognition support will be integrated into the Tobii IS4 platform with Tobii EyeChip.

With this integration, the Tobii platform gives both facial recognition and eye tracking with a single sensor. With this technology, all the user needs to do is sit down in front of their computer and they are automatically logged into Hello. Tobii is seeking other manufacturers to work with its eye tracking platforms and biometric security. That should mean more automatic logins using facial recognition in the future.