Toaster Teapot - For the suicidal tea lover

One good way to ensure that you kill yourself dead is to plug in a toaster, jump in the tub (full of water) and drop in said toaster. I believe this was one of the ways Bill Murray killed himself in Groundhog Day (that movie was just messed up, and the single reason that I hate that stupid holiday). Now that you've been told of a simple way to commit suicide, I give you the Toaster Teapot.

That handle and spout aren't just for looks, it's a real teapot combined with a real toaster. I get that it would likely work rather well, since both devices need power to create heat, but seriously, it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

If you're a brave (and lazy) soul that doesn't mind taking risks during breakfast, then by all means jump all over this gadget. It'll only set you back $56.

Like Tea and Toast? The Toaster Teapot Has You Covered [via uberreview]