TiVo updates Android app with mobile device streaming

TiVo fans who prefer their mobile gadgets to be of the Android variety have reason to rejoice this morning: TiVo has announced the launch of its Android streaming app feature. With this app comes exactly what it sounds like: the ability to stream shows from one's DVR to one's Android smartphone or tablet.

Called, most aptly, the TiVo Android app, this updated mobile offering allows users to watch shows from their handset in addition to the app's previous features. This includes things like switching from a show that is part-way through on the television over to a tablet for those times you have to run and can't wait until later.

There are some limitations, as you'd expect. Users must have the TiVo Stream accessory in addition to a DVR, and they are limited to streaming to only one mobile device at a time, meaning you can't fire it up on both tablets for the kids to use. Content under copy protection is restricted from the streaming feature, as well. Some other content can only be streamed to mobile if you're on your home network, but not elsewhere.

The new feature has been added to the Android app available in the Google Play Store as of today, which was anticipated. In addition to the streaming feature, the TiVo app can also be used as a digital remote and to pull up information about a show that is being watched, among other things.