TiVo unveils next-gen interface with predictions and fast content access

TiVo has introduced its next-generation user interface, an offering that will better meet the wants and needs of modern users and bring with it some new features like Predictions. According to the company, this next-gen interface is designed to bring content from a bunch of different sources together. In addition, the UX will offer predictions about what it thinks you may want to watch based on your content viewing habits, as well as what time of the day it is and what device is being used to watch the shows.

According to TiVo, the new interface puts shortcuts for various functions directly on the main menu, making it easier to quickly access different forms of entertainment, whether that's regular TV, your movies, and things like short videos and music. The idea is that modern entertainment consumption comes from more places than just TV or a catalog of recordings...and TiVo has to contend with other devices that do a good job of aggregating sources, including Roku.

Still, finding content is about more than fast access, and so TiVo also has added Predictions, a technology that bases content recommendations based on multiple aspects of the user's viewing habits. The content itself comes from, according to TiVo, "linear, on demand, and streaming apps" sources, covering most of the bases modern viewers want.

The Home screen shortcuts can be customized by the user, as well, so that their favorite apps are front and center. "We are transforming TV viewing into an easy, personalized experience," TiVo's Margret Schmidt said. "The new UX brings the content the viewer wants right up front faster through expanded discovery and predictions from their own cable subscription and the best online video sources."