TiVo Premiere DVRs Turn Up For Pre-Order Packing 500GB

I'm firmly in the camp that you can never have enough storage inside your DVR. With the often miniscule price difference between hard drives with significant capacity differences, I think 500 GB should be the minimum. My junk DirecTV DVR only has 30 GB of storage space. If you're thinking about buying a TiVo Premiere DVR, there are some indications that a higher capacity device may be coming soon.

There has been no official announcement from TiVo on capacity upgrade, but a model that has clearly been refreshed has been turning up at retail locations for pre-order. Listings at Amazon and JR.com are showing a new TiVo Premiere DVR model carrying part number TCD746500. That particular part number packs in a 500 GB hard drive and sells for $149. The original versions had 320 GB hard drive inside and sold for $80.

The listings imply shipments of the new 500 GB units will start in the next few weeks. If 500 GB isn't enough capacity for you, you can still grab the 1 TB premiere XL or other models. The 500 GB version should be good for an extra 30 hours of HD programming, which for many would be worth an extra $70. The hard drive size appears to be the only difference between the new model and the old.

[via Engadget]