Tivo adds Disney and Jaman VOD content

Starting next week, Tivo subscribers will get VOD contents from Disney film and Jaman.com straight from their DVRs. The company has inked a new deal with the Walt Disney Studios and Jaman to add number of CinemaNow's Disney films and Jaman's independent and international flicks to Its S2, S3, HD, and HD XL DVR Set-tops.

These are not the first TiVo VOD services; the company has already in bed with Amazon VOD services to deliver major Hollywood studios though Unbox, since last year. With additional of CinemaNow, Tivo fanatics will get to watch movies from most Hollywood titles with prices starting at $2.99. The service will be available next week.

As for Jaman, most titles including a broad category of Indie and Film Festival Favorites, Best of Bollywood and Documentaries, can be rented for in between $1.99 and $4.99 in 24 hour or 7 day rentals. The content is available as of today.