Titanfall won't be playable without Origin on PC

One of the more anticipated games for 2014 is the EA title Titanfall. The minimum specs for computers to play the game were announced yesterday. Those minimum specifications for the PCs include a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or higher and AMD or NVIDIA graphics.

I was rather bummed at the Windows requirements. I do not intend to upgrade my OS just to play a game. Another important requirement for PC gamers looking to play the game has now surfaced via a tweet from Vince Zampella from Respawn.

He confirmed in a response to a tweet from a gamer asking if Origin would be required, that it indeed would be a requirement to play. Zampella also noted that Origin would be required to participate in the beta.

He didn't offer any more details on when exactly the beta would kick off. We knew last week the beta was coming, but exactly when is still unknown. Respawn has also stated that sign-ups for the beta are not available and that fans needed to be wary of any scams offering signups for the Titanfall beta.