Titanfall PC gamers plagued with error 503 issues

Yesterday was the big launch of the hotly anticipated game Titanfall on the PC and Xbox One. The game will land later this month for Xbox 360 gamers. The launch of the game hasn't gone perfectly with Xbox Live going down yesterday.

PC gamers are also running into issues with reports that PC gamers are seeing errors including one that reads "Disconnect: ORIGIN error retrieving player data from storage – code 503." Since the game requires an internet connection to operate, the error leaves players unable to play the game.

Few things are more irritating than having a new game and that game not working. Titanfall developer Respawn has acknowledged the issue and is presumably working to fix it. Respawn says that the connection issues would leave players unable to play the game and that players could get kicked from games they were already playing.

Respawn head Vince Zampella noted that Microsoft fixed the Xbox Live issue and that the downtime wasn't the result of Titanfall. Wrinkles are to be expected these days with online games as big as Titanfall. Check out the video above to see the PC 503 error.

SOURCE: Eurogamer