Titan Quest joins the Humble THQ Bundle

If you thought the Humble THQ Bundle couldn't get any more awesome, we're pleased to say that you were sorely mistaken. With six days left to go, additional content has been added to the bundle in an effort to get those who are on the fence to drop a few bucks. Titan Quest and Red Faction Armageddon: Path to War have joined the other seven games in the bundle, making what many consider to be the best Humble Bundle ever even better.Titan Quest, as some of already know, is an action RPG set in ancient Greece. It plays a lot like Diablo, and a lot of players out there consider it to be the best "Diablo clone" around (or at least they did until Torchlight came around). On the other hand, Red Faction Armageddon: Path to War isn't a full-fledged game, but rather a mission pack for Red Faction Armageddon, one of the titles that has been available in the Humble THQ Bundle from the start.

If you haven't purchased the Humble THQ Bundle yet, you'll only get Titan Quest and Path to War as beat the average bonuses. Considering Saint's Row The Third is also a beat the average bonus, you have a few pretty good reasons to pay more than the average, which currently sits at $5.59. If you've already purchased the Humble THQ Bundle, then you should have codes for Titan Quest and Path to War waiting for you on your downloads page.

With almost exactly six days left to go, the Humble THQ Bundle has pulled in almost $3.8 million. The bundle hit $2 million after being available for only 24 hours, so there seems like a pretty good chance it could hit $5 million by the time everything is said and done. Did you pick up the Humble THQ Bundle, or have you decided to give this one a pass?