Tiny apartment in Spain has all you need

The first apartment my wife and I had after getting married was tiny. It only had about 450 square feet of space, but it was cheap which was the big concern at the time. A man in Barcelona, Spain has an apartment that makes that tiny place I started out it seem downright huge. The apartment belongs to Christian Schallert and it is a mere 258 square feet. To be able to live in such a small space everything hides away so you can actually move.

With only 258 square feet, a bed that stays out all the time would take up the bulk of the apartment. The dudes bed slides under the balcony outside which is raised from level with the apartment. The kitchen, closets, and toilet are all part of the wall on the right side that is covered with cabinet doors. When those doors are pressed all the stuff you need to actually live is revealed. The apartment has a toilet in a little closet near the front wall that is private.

This isn't the apartment for an obese person for sure. The guy made the shower part of the living space. You would have to be a very neat person, not prone to cluttering things up as I am, to live there. The place actually has more space than you think it does when you watch the video. Check it out below to see what you think. Could you live in such a small space?

[via Geekosystem]