Tintag Brings Wireless Charging To Bluetooth Tags

Tags for things like luggage and various other items you want to track are a great idea, but not always well-rounded. Battery powered tags can be rendered useless should you not be close enough, with some relying entirely on a very tight proximity to your phone. Tintag takes many of those concerns away, offering up the first rechargeable bluetooth tag for consumers.

The tiny tag can be affixed to just about anything you like, and is touted as waterproof (though no rating is offered up, the IndieGoGo campaign says "no rain is strong enough and no puddle deep enough to damage your Tintag"). Working with both Android and iOS, the Tintag app lets you track as many items as you like.

You can set proximity warnings for items, so you'll never leave your keys (or anything you attach your Tintag to) behind. Similarly, you can use Tintag to find your phone, should the roles be reversed.

The Tintag app also offers up location history for your tagged items, giving you a heads-up on where to start looking for them. Once you're close, Tintag will either flash an LED light or buzz to tell you where it's at.

You can also track a Tintag from multiple devices, which makes it an ideal drop-in for a child's backpack and busy parents. The wireless recharging station is also a "hot spot", letting you track items (or the kids) when you're not around. This is done by setting proximity alerts for the Tintag and hotspot(s).

Tintag is currently on IndieGoGo, and is 75% funded with 49 days to go. If you want to pick one (or a lot) up, Tintag will ship in April of 2015, and is currently being fine-tuned for production. For as little as $19, you can get a Tintag and charger, though the 10 tags for $105 is definitely intriguing, too.

Source: IndieGoGo