Tinder's ID verification feature will soon target catfishing globally

Tired of getting catfished on Tinder? Starting later this year, you'll be able to focus on profiles with verified IDs regardless of your location, making it easier to filter out the people who may not be who they claim to be. Following its availability in Japan, Tinder has announced that its ID Verification feature will soon roll out to all of its users around the world.

This expansion will take place "in the coming quarters," Tinder said, explaining that identity verification is tricky and that its documentation requirements will vary based on location. ID Verification has been a feature available to users in Japan since 2019, offering a way to ensure you're actually talking to the person featured on the profile.

Tinder users must provide necessary documents to verify their identity with Tinder, which acknowledges that some people may be reluctant to provide these materials over privacy concerns. For this reason, the ID Verification feature will be voluntary at launch, but the company's language indicates this may become a requirement at some point in the future.

In a statement about ID Verification, Match Group's VP of Safety and Social Advocacy Tracey Breeden said:

We know that in many parts of the world and within traditionally marginalized communities, people might have compelling reasons that they can't or don't want to share their real-world identity with an online platform. Creating a truly equitable solution for ID Verification is a challenging, but critical safety project and we are looking to our communities as well as experts to help inform our approach.

Tinder's Rory Kozoll went on to reveal the company is taking a "test-and-learn approach" to its ID Verification rollout. Expert recommendations will be considered as part of its feature expansion, as well as feedback from users and each region's laws and regulations.